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     NAMI is a new twist   on our dual sided VIVE019 massage wand.With Two 10-function New Generation F1   Motors and its advanced technologies (The Two Motors can be Independently   Controlled).One Innovative 10-function NG F1 Pulse-Wave Motor for your   G-Spot, One 10-function NG F1 Vibrating Motor for Clitoral stimulation   (Massage Wand).In addition, the VIVE39 comes with Four attachments to enhance   your fun. Three used with the wand head for direct clitoral stimulation and one to use with the base G-Spot   Pulse-Wave motor to create a Touchless Air-Waves Technology that create a   sucking stimulation for your Clitoris.Combine the Two 10-function New   Generation F1 motors with a possible 100 different settings plus all the   extra attachments and the fun is endless. Made from 100% silky smooth   medical-grade silicone (hypoallergenic), it is totally waterproof (IPX7), and   extremely quiet at under 60db.This means you can use it wherever your heart   desires!It contains a USB magnetic rechargeable lithium-ion battery.When   fully charged with its USB cable, it will provide 40 minutes of passionate   playtime.Just plug, charge and play!When you're getting Close to climax, just   one-touch of the special function climax button will immediately bring all   the motors to full power/speed and, more importantly, bring you to an   earth-shattering orgasm.All VIVE Vibrators have a full 1-year warranty to   protect your investment.    

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