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     The   Stroke It™ collection brings you the Body Banger, meant to thrill with a   real-feel stroking experience. Dive deep into over 5 pounds of heavy-duty   stroking pleasure with two realistic pleasure chambers, full body design, and   soft squeezable tits.

    No matter which one you choose, the ultra-tight textured and anatomically   correct chambers creates a wonderland of pleasure for any member willing to   slip inside. The full body stroker is great for anyone wanting a little more   from their pleasure play with realistic plush-soft pink lips and amazing   bouncy tits. Over 5 pounds of PureSkin® material make for the truly   heavy-duty, pounding pleasure you've been craving. PureSkin® Thermoplastic   Rubber is a super-soft, ultra stretchy material with a unique, life-like feel   delivering pure satisfaction in every stroke.

    This durable sleeve is easy-to-use, easy-to-clean and requires no special   care. Prior to and after each use, wash sleeve internally and externally with   warm water and soap, then disinfect with the Universal Toy Cleaner.

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